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What is the MadBdA?

The Madison Bellydance Alliance was formed in 2006 as a way to bring together performers of Middle Eastern Dance regardless of style, dance studio, or professional status. It is an organization of amateurs in the best sense of the word: those who dance for the love of it.

Who is in charge of the MadBdA?

Tracy Benton (Vashti) created the web site and the Google Group and conceived the idea of the haflas. The hafla planning committee includes Chandani, Jane Schroeder, Bill Bodden, and Bill Tricomi, but many others pitch in at the events. The MadBdA doesn't have meetings, elections, or board members. Its current assets include two mirrors, some decorations, and a bunch of leftover paper plates, so you could say the organization is kinda laid back.

What is a hafla?

Hafla is the Arabic word for party. In this case it is a gathering of those who enjoy Middle Eastern dance and music. Some areas have elaborate haflas at nightclubs with live musicians. Some have haflas in their basements. The MadBdA hafla usually has about 12 - 14 acts and about 100 spectators.

I want to perform! Can I?

If you would like to perform at the next hafla, all you have to do is sign up. We've enjoyed performances by expert instructors and performances by those who have danced only a year. Our stage is small and friendly! We only ask that you keep your performance under a certain length so we can fit everyone in. Contact us directly for more information. Don't forget a CD of your music (if at all possible, burn your music to a new CD so that we don't have to search for your track).

Is there food at the MadBdA haflas?

We usually have an appetizer/dessert potluck, depending on our venue, and there's usually so much food brought that we don't have enough room on the table for it. Any finger foods you'd like to share with friends at a party is appropriate.

What is a "swap table?"

We are strong believers in recycled dance paraphenalia! Bring your unneeded music, hip scarves, costume bits, etc, to the hafla. Make sure they are labeled with your name and what you think they are worth. Exchange your goods for somebody else's or get out your hard currency for that item you can't live without! If you are a teacher or performer, bring your business cards for the table to advertise your services.