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Interested in hiring a dancer for your next birthday party, anniversary celebration, bridal shower, or corporate event? A professional bellydancer sparks enthusiasm and energy at a gathering! The dancer provides glitz and glamour within a family-friendly atmosphere.

When you contact a dancer, discuss the length of performance you have in mind. The dancer will talk with you about the space and sound requirements for the performance.

MBA Professional Performer Directory

SadiraSadira — Sadira performs Egyptian nightclub style as well as folkloric dances from Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Gulf and Levant. She directs the Riad Dance Company, with group performances of both traditional and contemporary dances. Venues include cultural events, performance and lecture/demos for schools, universities and civic groups, private parties, restaurants. Contact: sadira@sadiradance.com or 608-246-2718

Miranda MoonMiranda Moon — Miranda is a Fusion BellyDance Artist with a history of her entrancing performances. Her style consists of Middle Eastern dance, American tribal belly dance and modern club dance. Miranda also has been a fire arts performer and yoga practitioner for the past decade, gently applying these techniques to her dance performances with fine artistry. Astounded by the therapeutic benefits of belly dance, Miranda takes a holistic approach when teaching involving the body, mind and spirit. All are welcome to contact Miranda to book performances and/or dance lessons. Contact: mirandamoon@mirandamondance.com for more information.

Güzel AllaireGüzel Allaire — Güzel Allaire is a seasoned performer and teacher whose passion for Middle Eastern dance infuses every performance. Her style is a personal culmination of 20 years of dance experience and instruction from some of the best Middle Eastern dancers in the world. She loves teaching and leads her own troupe, Banaat al Jazira. Güzel or her troupe are available for performances in many venues;including festivals, workshops, parties and many other events. Contact Güzel at 608-225-1310 or guzel.allaire@charter.net for more information.

AyperiAyperi — Ayperi is known for her creativity in bellydance - from traditional styles to imaginative "steampunk," sword balancing, and fire/bellydancing fusion. Masterful with belly dance technique, Ayperi was awarded first place for Professional Tribal Bellydance Soloist in the MAQAM 2009 Belly Dance Challenge in Chicago for her dramatic and mesmerizing sword balancing performance. Ayperi is available for booking for bellygrams, restaurants, workshops, and lessons. Contact ayperi@ayperibellydance.com or call (608) 220-1036.

ArielleArielle Juliette — Arielle has been involved with Middle Eastern Dance since 2004. Her focus is on Eqyptian Raqs Sharki and hip hop fusion. Arielle owns Dance Life Studio and Fitness on Madison's West Side. Arielle is also available for performances, belly-grams and private or group instruction. Contact her for more information at ariellejuliette@gmail.com or call 608-616-9440.

The Madison Bellydance Alliance is not a booking agency, but provides its members with professional directory space at the rate of $5/year for text only, $10/year for text plus photo listings. The MBA webmistress reserves the right to reject listings she feels are inappropriate. The Madison Bellydance Alliance does not endorse or guarantee any dancer listed.