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November 5, 2016

Mirah Ammal

A Day in Cairo

Sha'abi Workshop


Egyptian Sha’abi Deep Dive – Delve into the world of Egyptian sha’abi to gain a deeper understanding of the genre and its significance in Egyptian culture. We’ll talk about sha’abi music and dance—what it means, where it comes from, how it is localized, and it’s role in Egyptian culture, dance and music over time (including recent movements.) We’ll explore movement and stylization characteristics of sha’abi dance through techniques and combinations. Examining the differences between street (homestyle) and stage sha’abi, we will also discuss some key considerations for creating your own sha’abi performances. (Content – includes a mix of presentation with handouts/study guide and dance movement in the form of technique, stylization and combination work.)

Sha’abi Choreography and Combos – Explore sha’abi-for- performance with a fun and sassy choreography that you can use in its entirety or as a toolbox of combination work and performance elements to inspire your own dances. Mirah Ammal will provide lyric translation information as well as title, singer and purchase options for the song. (Content: dance movement – choreography)


Please register at the door for $50 for the full day or $35 for a half day of instruction. Cash or check please!

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